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Peanut Butter Granola Balls

15 Mar

These are yummy snacks that you don’t have to feel guilty about eating. And they are super easy and quick to make.


1/3 cup agave syrup (or honey)
1/4 cup natural peanut butter
2 tablespoons unsalted butter
1 cup crisp rice cereal
1 cup old fashioned rolled oats (not quick-cooking)
1/4 cup dried fruit (cranberries & raisins)


In a small saucepan over medium, heat agave syrup (or honey), peanut butter & butter. Stir until loosened and smooth, 1 to 2 minutes. Remove from heat; stir in cereal, oats and dried fruit.

Drop mixture by the tablespoon into cupcake wrappers (depending on size it should make 12-20 balls). Place on a rimmed baking sheet and refrigerate until set, about 15 minutes. Store in an airtight container up to 1 week.

Recipe from Everyday Food